Techni-Clean Australia

Cleaner & Sealer of Hardscape Surfaces in the Construction Industry.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Assisted In System Processes
  • Empowered Management Decisions
  • Created Digital Media Strategy

Long standing client Techni-Clean Australia have really taken their use of technology up a notch. Our consultant assisted and establshed a number of tools and services across their Operations and Marketing departments.

We found many lost hours in the way Techni-Clean Australia was Reporting from the Field, Representative Correspondance with Office and overall Office Tasks. From this analysis, we established the following:

  • Better Scoping
  • Faster Processes of Reporting
  • Created Data Visualisations using their Self-Administered Database
  • Assisted in the Creation of Faster System Processes
  • Updated Website to a New Modern Design - See The Site
  • Defined a Marketing Strategy
  • Provided Content Creation - Captured Content On-Site along with Graphic Design


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