Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop Your Marketing Objective with Radian Web

Defining Digital Marketing Strategy:

Digital Marketing is about actively creating and maintaining a Campaign Ecosystem.

An Ecosystem is defined by Customer Personas, Media Types & Key Messages within each Awareness, Consideration, Conversion & Re-Engage section of a typical Marketing Funnel. Each Ecosystem is built around a particular Campaign Objective.

Campaign Objectives:

A Campaign Objective is a third subset from a Business Objective so this must be clearly defined so that we can move from a Business Objective to Marketing one and to finally a Campaign Objective.

Each Objective will use SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound. EG: Increase Brand Awareness of Radian Web's Digital Transformation Service to receive 40 Quality Leads in the next 6 Months.

Defining The Customer:

A Customer Persona will be created via Job To Do methodology and then detailed further into Demographics, Searches, Likes & Connections just to name a few. This will allow us to show the right media to the right persona.

Type of Media:

Each Ecosystem will be funnelled with Owned and Purchased Media that directs each User through to a rich landing page. Such Media will be Google AdWords and Social Media Posts.

Media content will be created and proofed prior to sending and a Media Plan will be established for future posts.


Each Campaign will be measured via Google Analytics, LinkedIn Insight and Facebook Pixels. This will help us define whether the Campaign and Marketing Objective is considered a success.

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