Business Apps - Android & IOS

We specialise in database driven apps that allow you to control the flow of information to and from the App from a server.

At Radian, we create an affordable, eye-catching and easy to use iPhone (or iPad) & Android apps for businesses. We specialise in building smart phone apps that can exchange data directly with your website, allowing your customers or clients to interact with you and your business without being online - great for events, festivals, promotion or product showcase applications.

We make use of the latest app building technologies, which allow for rapid and cost saving development. This allows us to create apps that are more affordable then many of our competitors. 

Upload Photos & Data To and From Your Existing Website

With this extension your customers will be able talk to your business with pictures or text. Great for improving customer relations, gathering information from out in field, or delivering the latest news, deals and information to your clients.


This extension can allow your business to show GPS co-ordinates to your customers iPhone. Ideal for directing people to your business, outlets or events easily and effectively.

QR Code Reader

This extension gives the iPhone App the ability to read QR Codes, allowing the app to retrieve specific information about a particular product or location. Excellent for interactive brochures or print advertisements. 

SSL secure upload, reading and writing.

This extension allows for the app to safely and securely upload information to your website. For matters of personal privacy and security.


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