Intuitive Energy

Intuitive Energy is a Brisbane Electrician. They are wanting to sure up and streamline their office administration. We are in the middle of providing our Interactive Approach to Digital Transformation.

What we have found with Trades it isn't that they don't want to engage with Technology, its more how. There are so many different systems out there that it can be confusing and overall daunting. Our Interactive approach is much more hands on and engaging with the organisation. We take them step by step through the system we are going to implement, then actively remind and teach the organisation on how to achieve such transformation. We have also found that if the organisation can see what we are putting in, they will be encouraged to step up and provide such data rather than us having to chase them. This is where such platforms as Power BI or Google Data Studio come in to play, these empower data analytics. See what we have done with Intuitive Energy so far by checking out the below services.


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