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Field Asset and Service Management - EIDO

Field Asset and Service Management - EIDO

Mobile Asset Management and Job Tracking made easy.

EIDO online asset management and job tracking softwareEIDO, pronounced "I-DO", is an Online Asset Management or Field Job Service Management tool. 

EIDO is perfect for businesses with multiple employees out in the field. Data is recorded or delegated via a smart phone or website and is uploaded to a secure online database where it can be viewed and analysed instantly - there is no need for messy paperwork or sporadic communication back to base.

EIDO can affordably increase your field workers efficiency and data recording accuracy. This is achieved through less double handling and making use of the iPhone's hardware, such as the GPS, camera and keyboard.

The program can be configured easily for your specific business and needs. The software adapts to your current business processes - not the other way round. 

EIDO is an online, subscription based product, meaning there are no installations, no updates and no issues with computer hardware. Just access your EIDO webpage or mobile app and you're ready to go.

View a real-world Case Study of EIDO in action

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An Example:

Steven owns a growing electrical repair business. He operates out of an office downtown and has several vans and employees out in the field making calls to various locations across the city. Formally, his employees had to carry folders of paper work with them when inspecting and maintaining electrical equipment. Paperwork was often improperly filled out, stored incorrectly or lost completely - and retrieving information on old jobs was very time consuming. 

Now with EIDO, Steven's employees can fill out the required information on their smart phones instantly. Steven can review information, such as how long a job took, what tools were used and any issues the employee met and respond accordingly. In most cases, Steven was able to calculate the cost of the job and email his clients with the invoice moments after his employee left the job site.

On top of this, Steven can also review useful information such as:

  • which areas in his city have the most jobs,
  • which employees are the fastest to respond,
  • how much of a particular product is used on a monthly basis
  • and where his employee's last job was.

Using this, Steven is able to plan ahead and react quickly as circumstances arise.